Our involvement and products are a key factor to avoid a worldwide crisis and will be the main aspect for economic stability
Our product range includes premium fuels such as gasoline and diesel, which are designed to meet the requirements of modern engines and provide optimal performance.
Diesel fuel:
Diesel fuel powers heavy transportation, generators and machinery. It's cost-effective and widely used in marine, locomotives, agriculture, and military equipment. YOM Capital aims to expand our presence in key markets such as Easterm Europe, Asia and the Africa to connect with industry players.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG):
YOM Capital plays an important role in the Middle Eastern LPG market. We are looking at increased participation in different regions, by forging a connection between the players in these markets.
Fuel Oil:
YOM Capital is major player in the fuel oil market, catering to East Africa, the Middle East and the Easterm Europe. Strong relationships are central to our success and enable us to effectively meet the needs of our clients.
Middle Distillates:
With excellent sourcing, shipping and storing/blending capabilities, YOM Capital has a unique positioning in the Jet Fuel and Gas Oil markets. Jet Fuel is sourced from refineries in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent and supplied to global clients
We play an active role in the growing East Asian market and aim to increase our presence in the region. YOM Capital efficient logistical capabilities enable us to deliver the product on specification and at the right time.
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